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Configuring SharePoint 2013 Preview for On-Premise Apps

Since Apps are the “next big thing” for SharePoint, from an opportunity perspective, expect to see a lot of hullaballoo about how you should create apps because they’re going to be the greatest thing to happen to SharePoint since Shared Service Applications replaced the Shared Services Provider.  However, not all apps are created equal, and […]

App model in SharePoint 2013 puts power in the developer’s hands

About two months ago, I was pointed to an article that talked about SharePoint Apps and how some people are starting to call them “Crapps”: SharePoint 2013 Preview – Apps or Crapps?  I didn’t want to add my two cents right away because I hadn’t really had a chance to play with the App Model […]

SharePoint 2013: Claims Infrastructure – Part I

If you’ve used claims with SharePoint 2010, you know that it can be incredibly frustrating to work with. Setting it up is only half the battle. When you want to interface with it either via web services or your own client applications, it can quickly become a nightmare. In addition, you had to make sure […]

SP2013 Search –Display Templates Overview (Part 1)

“A Fond Farewell to .xslt” If you’re a SharePoint Search developer, or are heavily involved in Search in SharePoint, I believe that you will be pleasantly pleased with some of the changes that should make developing on the SharePoint 2013 platform simpler. However, the downside in this case is that all of that wonderful work […]

Mobility in SharePoint 2013 (Device Channels)

Mobility support has always been a sore point in the earlier versions of SharePoint. In the new version, mobility has a decent support OOTB. Now you can define channels for different user agents which can render a different page structure based on the user agent. Simply put, you can configure different Master Pages for different […]

Deep Dive Part 1: Image Renditions ( SharePoint 2013 )

My last post introduced Image Renditions and how to setup and use them. This post will dive a little deeper in the inner working of the feature. Storage and Maintenance Creating a image rendition definition: Click on Site Settings->Image Renditions. You will see all the existing (if any) renditions that have been defined. Initial impression […]

Image Renditions in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013, there is a new feature called Image Renditions. I think if the content owners use this feature wisely, it will definitely reduce the load on the bandwidth. What does the feature do? Image renditions lets the site owners define what sizes the images can be scaled to when adding an image to […]

What Can Claims Do For You?

In case you haven’t heard, all web applications in SharePoint 2013 will default to claims-based authentication. While it’s possible to create a “classic” web application still, Microsoft has deprecated the functionality in favor of the future. That means many organizations will be defaulting to a claims-enabled world. Fear not! Claims is not the end of […]

SharePoint 2013 Claims: Your New Best Friend

What’s New in SharePoint 2013’s Authentication Model SharePoint 2013 brings with it significant changes in the authentication model behind the scenes. To the end user, it will appear as if nothing has changed when they log in. These are the major behind the scenes changes that exist in SharePoint 2013 and I’ll go through each […]