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Photo: Woman is planning with post-it notes and markings at a whiteboard.

Do it on Purpose: Intentionality

Have you ever said, “We should do this,” …and then you don’t? That is a lack of intentionality. Being Intentional Comes Easy to Some, Hard for Others The differences in people are beautiful – life would be boring otherwise. If you’ve read results from a personality test, you know each personality has its benefits (things […]

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Guide To Transforming Financial Institutions With Agile

The post-pandemic era has ignited monumental changes in the global financial realm, forcing financial services institutions into unchartered territory when it comes to digitization. Many startups and more and more legacy financial services institutions are reaping the benefits of employing an Agile methodology to digitize at scale and address the customer expectations of today. Agility […]

Rapid Growth Concept With Person Using A Laptop

How to Make Agile Iteration Possible Within Waterfall Budgeting – Part 2

In Part 1 of How to Make Agile Iteration Possible Within Waterfall Budgeting, I covered the business desire to achieve iterative development and quick time-to-market, with the reservations of rigid waterfall budgeting and planning.  I also covered pre-project and project start steps, which I believe are critically important to achieving the desired result during implementation.  […]

Agile Iterations In A Waterfall Timeline

How to Make Agile Iteration Possible Within Waterfall Budgeting

Product owners love the flexibility and short lead time of being Agile. At the same time, it can be difficult for management to adopt. Without a determinant understanding of the final product, there’s a struggle to estimate the total cost and rein in scope.  You could mark work as done within a sprint but the […]

How to Solve the DevOps Value Dilemma

An adage often repeated in the retail industry is that the customer is always right. Even if standard operating procedures were followed correctly, the customer still commands their wallet. In today’s age, with social media further extending the message of even the most anonymous customer, organizations must be cognizant to build products that drive customer […]

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The Agile Business Analyst Transition

Challenges of Business Analysts Transitioning to an Agile Approach The usage of the Agile methodology in software development projects has been steadily increasing over the last decade. Its implementation either as a pure Agile or waterfall-Agile hybrid has driven many Business Analysts and project stakeholders to question: Do we really need the Business Analyst role […]

How to Do DevOps in Older Organizations

When it comes to DevOps, industry publications tend to associate the innovation philosophy with fresh and agile startups. After all, small teams mean faster delivery schedules, recovery from error, and overall innovation. However, just because large organizations may thought to be slow, higher performing ones still have the possibility of scaling and innovating without an […]

Waterfall, Agile or “Wagile” for Salesforce Projects?

  Successful Salesforce implementations have several key defining features: deployments need to be done quickly, collaboratively and must be business-driven.  With these key features in mind, project managers and implementation teams need to consider the best methodology to ensure success with a Salesforce project.  There are various methodologies that have been described extensively, but which one […]

Waterfall or Agile? How to Find the Right Development Methodology

When it comes to managing software development projects, many are familiar with the sequential Waterfall and iterative Agile methodologies. Development teams are often asked to choose one approach over other, as if they are mutually exclusive. But if you consider the two approaches on a continuum, with Waterfall being more fixed and rigid while Agile […]

Can you tell me your project quality status?

A GDC project manager states his project status in the PMO meeting, “# of report design documents are in process, # of report design documents are completed, # of report design documents are not started… Regarding the quality, # of design documents passed review…” ‘Waterfall~ Waterfall~‘ other PMO members sing for him with the sarcasm […]

Applying the 7 phases of the waterfall model to Agile

When I started my study of software engineering at university, I thought the Waterfall model was such a beautiful model which would lead the team to deliver a system successfully. There are 7 typical phases identified in Waterfall model and they are followed one by another in sequence. 1. Requirements specification 2. Design 3. Construction […]