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Key Takeaways of the VMware Tanzu Standard Edition

In our previous blog VMware Tanzu: Highlights of the Basic Edition, we discussed the benefits and considerations of implementing VMware Tanzu Basic in your organization. In today’s blog, we will discuss the Standard edition, which builds off of the functionality of the Basic edition, and how it can support your infrastructure and application modernization journey. […]

Abstract Neurons System

VMware Tanzu: Highlights of the Basic Edition

Built on VMware Tanzu Application Service, VMware Tanzu allows organizations to build modernized applications with speed, simplicity, high availability, and control. VMware offers three VMware Tanzu editions to support your organization at any point in your application modernization journey. In this blog, we will focus on the capabilities of Tanzu Basic, but future blogs will […]

The Elephant In The (Server) Room

  Server Virtualization: An amazingly helpful technological advancement that has left computer system validation (CSV) teams everywhere scratching their heads. Why? CSV calls for proof that the servers used for regulated computer systems meet or exceed the minimum hardware requirements for those systems. This is known as “hardware qualification” or “HQ.” But when the hardware […]