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Healthcare Meeting

Q&A: Perficient Chairman and CEO Talks Recent Appointment to St. Luke’s Hospital Board of Directors

Following his recent appointment to the board of directors of St. Luke’s Hospital, a faith-based, nonprofit healthcare provider headquartered in St. Louis, I chatted with Jeff Davis, Perficient Chairman and CEO, about the distinction and his goals for working with the healthcare provider. Jeff, thanks for the time. A Board of Directors appointment is an […]

Group Photo at Metro Atlant Urban Farm

The Atlanta Office Leaps into Spring

As spring quickly approaches, the need for volunteers at Food Well Alliance’s Community Gardens Program gets greater and greater. Our team woke up bright and early on Leap Day to volunteer at the Metro Atlanta Urban Farm. In 2018 they produced 80,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables that went directly to the East Point community. We […]

Greg Mannon Puts Out Fires In and Out of the Office

If you heard that a coworker spent all day “putting out fires” you would probably envision a laptop bursting with urgent emails and a phone busy with heated calls. However, for Perficient employee Greg Mannon, a day like this could actually require flame-retardant gear, a fire truck, and a hose powerful enough to knock a grown […]