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Differences Between Lightning & Visualforce Communities

For awhile now, there’s been lots of chatter (pun intended!) around Salesforce Lightning Communities and the capabilities have only been growing stronger over time. In fact, with each release, the reasons you thought you needed a Visualforce Community are waning. In fact, I’m in total agreement with my colleague, Kara Allen, in predicting the end […]

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Connecting Javascript with Apex Remote Actions for a Single Page Application

How to Connect UI to a Salesforce Backend Working with a Visualforce page and its MVC pattern is very powerful when it comes to bind the data from the standard and custom Salesforce objects, but for creating a single page application that provides a better UX and kind of and app look and feel rather […]

How to Embed Visualforce Pages in Visualforce Pages – Issues and Solution

Have you ever had challenges trying to include a Visualforce page from another application (e.g. a managed package)? You are not alone! The proliferation of creating managed packages (a collection of components made available to others through the AppExchange) in Salesforce, and the impact to the UI/UX experience in trying to incorporate a page […]

Dreamforce: Marc Benioff Keynote and Salesforce 1

Marc Benioff’s keynote is the first session today at Dreamforce13.  Marc and Co-Founder Parker Harris spent time this morning highlighting features and applications that are going to be available on the Salesforce platform in the “future”.  Parker made a dramatic entrance dressed in a “Back to the Future” professor costume, so he showed a bunch […]