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Custom Search Facet

How to Configure Facet Search in Drupal 9

What is Facet Search? Facet search is a way to filter content dynamically. It comes with multiple filters at the same time for the various attributes of the content. Facets will also display the number of matched results next to them. It works with the Drupal core and search API. Facet 3.0.x works with drupal […]

How To Find Your Missing Salesforce Views on Mobile Devices

Go Totally Mobile on Salesforce – Well, Almost It might seem like a dream come true to have a deployed support team in the field, armed with iPad in hand, ready to service all those cases rolling in. But, without the laptop, those truly mobile professionals just might not see what they should be seeing […]

Re-using the View Model with Views Using the Ignition Framework

For most situations when the view path for a component is specified in code, it is either implied by its folder location coinciding with its controller call or directly referenced in the view model used by the view.  However, it is sometimes preferable to make a view model as re-useable as possible by multiple Sitecore […]