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Integrating GitHub with Visual Studio Code to Publish Your Salesforce Project

Introduction: In the world of software development, version control plays a crucial role in managing projects efficiently. GitHub, a popular platform for version control, provides a seamless collaboration experience. Salesforce developers often leverage GitHub to maintain their code repositories and collaborate with other team members. In this blog post, we will explore how to integrate […]

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Salesforce Code Collaboration: Authenticate Git with Personal Access Token and Push Code via CMD

Introduction: When working with Git and GitHub, it’s essential to securely authenticate your account. Instead of using your GitHub password for authentication, a Personal Access Token (PAT) offers a safer alternative. In this blog, we will explore the steps to login to Git using a Personal Access Token and push your code to a GitHub […]

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Efficient Git Workflow for Katalon Studio- From Pushing Specific Files to Resolving Conflicts

Continued from the first blog post on Git integration in Katalon Studio, this second blog post dives deeper into the topic. It focuses on specific file pushing and conflict resolution in Git, providing essential steps to efficiently manage Katalon Studio projects. By following these instructions, you can enhance collaboration, maintain version control, and address conflicts […]

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Streamlining Collaboration and Conflict Resolution: Git Integration in Katalon Studio

Introduction: Efficient collaboration and effective conflict resolution are crucial for successful test automation projects. Katalon Studio, a powerful test automation solution, offers seamless integration with Git, a widely used version control system. In this blog post, we will explore the steps to enable Git integration in Katalon Studio and demonstrate how it simplifies collaboration and […]

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Deployment of Spring Boot App on Amazon EKS Using GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Docker, and Ansible

Deployment of Spring Boot App This is a common use case scenario that is used by several organizations. I hope this detailed blog is helpful to understand the CI/CD process. Let’s get started and dig deeper into each of these steps. Step 1 — Create an Ubuntu T3 Large Instance Select an existing key pair or […]

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Version Controlling with Copado

  Version Control Basics: Before beginning with version control, we should know the basic terminologies used in version control. A few terms used in version control are version control, commit, push, pull, and branch. Version Control: Every change to the code is recorded by version control in the form of a database. If a mistake […]

Overview of Java Continuous Integration and Release Management

There are as many ways to versioning, building, continuous integration and release management as there are development shops, however there are some best practices and luckily these best practices also have tool support. First the players Versioning Handles the source code versions, also includes branching. Could be an old one like CVS or a newer […]