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Lean UX and UI are inspired by the Lean Startup methodology and focus on using quick, iterative design cycles to validate design decisions and make improvements based on user feedback. In the Lean UX process, designers work closely with stakeholders, developers, and users to rapidly prototype and test design ideas. The goal is to validate […]

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Client-side scripting with Formcontext UI Object on Model Driven App (Dynamics 365 )

This article will look at the implementation of client side scripts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 using a model-driven approach, which provides additional benefits on the UI level and allows us to easily access Form UI properties such as tabs, sections, fields and access, security role, complex validations and so on. So, here in Dynamics 365, […]

private equity technology podcast

Leveraging UX/UI To Improve Private Equity Outcomes

Had a chance to chat at length with Chris Bernard, director of well-known Chicago digital design agency Truth Labs (now known as Perficient Digital), on the current state of UX/UI and its ability to improve to private equity outcomes. Chris has been directing the Truth team for about a year, tasked with running and growing […]