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[Podcast] What If You Don’t Know Your Customers Like You Think You Do?

In this episode, Kim talks with Andy McMillian and Janelle Estes from about better operationalizing customer insights and really walk the talk of customer-centricity. We’d love to get your feedback on a “white noise” word or topic you’d like for us to cover. Send your suggestions to    Subscribe Where You Listen Apple […]

The Role of A/B Testing in User Experience Design

In life, we’re never done testing and learning about ourselves; your business is no different. I am a strong advocate in the concept of incorporating A/B testing throughout the cycle of implementing new web sites, landing pages, and just about anything that has an important call to action that can lead to big business rewards. […]

Test Your iOS Apps in the Browser

Let’s face it – getting an Ad-Hoc build to a client of their super-cool-new-app-in-progress can often be time intensive and cumbersome. While the advent of wireless distribution certainly was a huge improvement over having your client download the .ipa file, import it into iTunes, and physically sync their device via USB to get the application […]