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The Importance of User Groups

Can I bend your ear for a moment? I want to talk to you about the importance of User Groups in today’s business environment, which has found companies experiencing the need to undergo sweeping, rapid changes. It’s not just employers navigating a tsunami of challenges, ranging from managing a displaced workforce to supply chain woes […]

August DSUG: “Forms to Riches” and “Solr Spatial Search with Sitecore 9”

The Denver Sitecore User Group returns this August 15th, 2018 for its next meetup! There will be multiple Sitecore MVPs attending, so come out for this excellent opportunity to learn something new and meet fellow developers in the community. Our Hosts and Topics Sitecore MVP Mike Reynolds will be sharing his experience customizing Sitecore 9 Forms […]

More Than 5 Reasons to Attend IMUG in November

Save the date, let’s get together to have a great day of networking, knowledge sharing, skill improvements and a chance to get out of the office. The Indianapolis Maximo User Group provides a forum for Maximo users in the Indianapolis area to collaborate on their experiences with asset management and uses of IBM Maximo by […]

Sitecore User Group Atlanta Returns Before The Winds of Winter

The last Sitecore User Group meeting in Atlanta was on December 9, 2014. For reference, at that time the following were still alive (WARNING: Game Of Thrones Spoilers): Mance Rayder, Janos Slynt, Barristan Selmy, Maester Aemon, Shireen, Stannis Baratheon First of His Name, Myrcella Baratheon, Jon Snow (wink), Doran Martell, Trystane Martell, Roose Bolton, Balon […]

New Sitecore Users Group in Philadelphia!

About a year ago today (actually, when I look at my email, it was exactly a year ago today, which is almost a too-eerie-to-be-true coincidence), I was doing some random internet searching and came across a meetup page of people in my area (Philadelphia) that had interest in Sitecore.  This made me think to myself […]