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IBM Fills Gaps with Red Hat, Also Creates Internal Competition

Since the news broke about the Red Hat acquisition by IBM, there has been no shortage of articles analyzing the move, predicting its outcomes, and delivering judgments on the deal. But what about the perspective of the software developer, architect, or IT leader who has to make decisions about which capabilities to leverage from these, now […]

Assessing the DevOps Landscape, Summer 2017

DevOps has come a long way in the past few years, evolving from a buzzword to a technical philosophy possessing a great deal of thought leadership. According to a recent survey of 300 enterprises by DigCert, adoption is occurring at an accelerated rate, finding that almost half (49 percent) of the respondents says they have […]

Free Download: 5 Steps to Mastering DevOps

We’re now well into the second half of 2017, with summer in full swing. As fast as the year has progressed, there’s still time to complete your innovation goals if you haven’t already. One goal of interest for many organizations is DevOps, an agile strategy focused on transforming organizational collaboration, communication, and go-to-market strategies. With […]

3 Trends Showing Why DevOps is Now an Industry Must

Even though my father had been a software engineer for nearly three decades, he still ignored the need to own a smartphone. “I want to be contacted on my own terms”, he’d tell me, preferring that friends and associates call him on my family’s home line. He was adamant about his disinterest in jumping over […]

Calculate Your DevOps ROI

Every organization has different goals for transitioning into DevOps. For some, it’s the promise of automation and automatic deployments while others are looking for smoother, lower-cost work in their development organizations. What all who have adopted DevOps can say is that the philosophy has transformed their organization and generally for the better. If you’re still […]

3 Ways to Avoid Application Development Failure

Today’s businesses move at the speed of agility, stopping for nobody. In particular, what happens in the greater economy is unstoppable, whether it’s a socioeconomic shift or the unexpected launch of a competitor’s product. Internally, however, things are far different. Organizations with technology commitments have a small window for error. Gone are the days where customers […]

Transforming Healthcare IT with UrbanCode Deploy

Medical technology management is just as complicated as the medical care that doctors provide, consisting of numerous ins and outs. As hospitals continue to innovate on how they care for patients, they also run into roadblocks preventing them from transitioning from the past and into the future. This challenge was specific to a leading nationwide […]

Cleaning up IT Operations with IBM UrbanCode

Let’s face it, managing IT operations can sometimes be comparable to pulling teeth. Between managing existing technology assets and updating to new ones, CIOs can find themselves overwhelmed with the options before them. With new technology stacks like the cloud coming into play, stacks can be further complicated. This was the story of a leading […]

IBM Interconnect Preview

Next week is IBM’s InterConnect event in Las Vegas. With so many recent developments surrounding IBM’s efforts in cloud and DevOps, I’m looking forward to getting some clarity and the opportunity to get hands on with some of the technology. As a business partner I have the added opportunity to attend their Tech Academy prior […]

IBM advances in mobile and DevOps with UrbanCode acquisition

IBM has acquired software deployment automation software firm, UrbanCode. Any company that requires frequent software updates, such as those in social, mobile, cloud and business analytics, will benefit. CRN covered this story in an article this week, for which they interviewed Vishal Rajpal, general manager of IBM BPMS at  Perficient. Vishal weighed in: “Consumers are rapidly becoming a […]