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The Fold

Let’s get something out of the way right at the start: There is no such thing as the fold on the Web!! Anyone who tells you differently is more wrong than Wrongly Wrongham of 14 Wrongingford Road, Wrongleton; winner of last year’s Mr Wrong Contest.

Disney Parks Enhance the Customer Experience With Tech Bracelets

I grew up in what you might call “a Disney family”. What this means is as a child growing up we always looked forward to our annual road trip from chilly Wisconsin to sunny Florida. We enjoyed the palm trees, cheesy shell shops, orange juice stands and “Meeting the Mouse”.  Watching Disney movies and relating […]

User Experience and Plain Language – Again

In relation to my previous posts about Apple’s iCloud and syncing capabilites, I came across an article on Poor Copywriting. How surprised I was to find this picture: When I think about all of the syncing anxiety I’ve had with Apple’s failed MobileMe product across devices and channeled through the cloud – I realize that it’s […]

iTunes + iCloud. From the Multi-Channel Mouths of Jobs

“Keeping these devices in sync is driving us crazy,” Mr. Jobs said. As an iTunes user, there have been some instances where my itunes preferences have automatically reset based on various updates. I have since learned to check my preferences every single time there is an update to make sure that I don’t lose any […]

MobileMe is Dead.

  Alright. Here it is. Today’s good morning announcement. Let’s call it ‘setting expectations’. A plain language conversation with users about how to potentially (because they are still figuring it out) smoothly transition your data….in the future (this fall)…. ….iCloud subscription is actually free ONLY with OSX Lion and iOS 5 users (which requires purchase […]

Sync Everything. Store Nothing. iCloud – the New Heaven?

So with all this talk about the Apple iCloud launch today, it all sounds pretty spiffy. Especially if you know that it’s powered by Apple’s iDataCenter – which sounds like pretty powerful stuff. Pay for everything. Access everything. Store nothing! Yay No long upload times of your data to a cloud. (Currently up to 5mb […]

MobileMe + You

After much ado about everything in my cloud-based MobileMe account over several years of $99/year subscriptions I can only hope that the product will soon rise to the occasion. I was originally a googlecal and contacts girl, but then I finally jumped ship to mobileme since I got an iphone and I had several macs, […]

Plain Language and User Experience

Recently I attended Ginny Redish’s Plain language, Web Sites, Documents, and UX: You can do all that!, event hosted by the Usability Professional Association (UPA), DC Chapter. As usual, when I attend dc events like IXDA and other miscellaneous UX meetups, I am usually the anomaly visual designer in the room. The thing that I enjoyed […]

Are You a Digital Hoarder?

…exclaimed my coworker, as I had just finished explaining the sudden death of my 1.5TB external drive as well as the mind (and gut) wrenching experience I was having in deciding whether it would be worth it to recover all of my data. $1,850 to get that baby resurrected. I mulled over paying that amount […]