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CodeExchange – twilio-dev-container

Twilio has introduced a new program for developers and partners to share code called CodeExchange.  This provides a curated list of Twilio-focused content and we are taking our first steps to contribute back to the wider community with examples and tooling.  This post will focus on onboarding and how to get a quick start environment […]

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COVID-19 – Using Twilio to build a Remote Workers Solution

Our group has been working through ideas over the past week to offer up solutions.  These solutions are built leveraging the technologies we use to build enterprise solutions.  In this post I will walk through a solution we were building leading up to the Hackathon.  The content will be high level and include links back […]

Twilio Functions – Common Cases

Twilio Functions are the glue that connect user code and Studio to the Twilio environment. They offer a convenient way to execute JavaScript while remaining inside of the Twilio ecosystem.  Functions have access to environment variables and shared NPM packages.  Functions also have access to the Twilio REST Helper Library. With this Studio flows can […]