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IoT Development with Windows 10 and Raspberry Pi – Setting Up

This is my third blog article covering Windows 10 IoT Core. Part 1: Part 2: By now we got development environment all set up (installed Windows 10 production release, enabled development mode, installed Visual Studio 2015 and IoT templates). We also set our mind on specific board which we’ll be using: Raspberry Pi […]

Developer Tutorial: Gyroscopes! Gyroscopes Everywhere!

Being on the bench gives a man more time to do what he truly enjoys: mindlessly playing around with new technologies, APIs and generally making a lot of cool stuff that doesn’t really do anything. Enter…the gyroscope! What is a gyroscope? No, it is not a telescope that automatically zooms in on the nearest Greek […]

Getting Started with WebSphere Portal 8 and Web Content Manager 8

IBM has created a site to help get people familiar with their Web Experience suite.  The site is called Getting Started with Your Web Experience.  In the site, you will find tutorials on various parts of the web experience, including installing WebSphere Portal 8, configuring a database, and customizing the portal.  The site must be […]