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Overcoming Healthcare’s Mountain of Mistrust – Part 2: Payers

This is the second part of our series in which we’re discussing the increasing need to build trust among healthcare consumers. The analytics and opinion-polling firm Gallup has found a decline in Americans’ trust in many institutions and industries, including healthcare. This means building strong, ongoing relationships with consumers and members will be more critical […]

Overcoming Healthcare’s Mountain of Mistrust – Part 1: Providers

According to research from the analytics and opinion-polling firm Gallup, Americans’ faith and trust in their institutions are on the decline. Even the healthcare industry, which has long enjoyed some of the highest trust ratings among the public, has also seen a drop in consumer confidence. Gallup’s data shows that Americans’ trust in the healthcare […]

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Jennifer Edwards Grows to Heighten Trust and Collaboration in Her Role

At Perficient, we aspire to build connections: with our clients to transform their businesses, with our colleagues to grow professionally, and with our global communities to make a positive impact. Our people-first culture is a true testament to the investment Perficient makes in our people, one that fosters trust and collaboration with one another, which […]

Resource Tips for Trying Times: Become Your Users’ Trusted Adviser [Healthcare Series]

We hope you, your organization, and your loved ones are doing well. This is the latest in a series of resources designed to give you specific, actionable steps to take in your communications strategies during the COVID-19 crisis.  TIP: What does it mean to be your users’ trusted COVID-19 adviser? Conflicting information from government sources, […]

Trust Must Be Earned at Every Point During the Client Experience

Whether you think Facebook users don’t understand what information of theirs is subject to disclosure (user’s fault) or Facebook needs to provide more education and acknowledgement of risk to its users (Facebook’s fault), no one can argue it’s been a rocky year for the company as it works to regain user trust. In the rush […]

The Importance of Building Trust With Wealth Management Clients

In a CNBC interview, MIT professor and Nobel Laureate Robert Merton spoke about the importance of building trust in the wealth management client experience. “What you need to make technology work is to create trust. Technology doesn’t create trust on its own,” Merton said. So, how can you create the trust necessary to ensure that […]

Designing for Transparency – a Good UX is a Good Friend

Have you ever found yourself entering your cell phone and address onto a new site and wondering what they’ll do with it or why they need it? What happens to all your information that’s stored out there? Is it safe on all these different sites? Could it ever be accessed and used without permission? What […]

Top 10 Most Reputable U.S. Banks

Reputation Institute, a research and advisory firm that focuses on tackling and analyzing the reputation of companies worldwide, released its annual ranking of the most reputable U.S. banks. According to the report (and a basic understanding of human nature!), a company’s reputation has an effect on: Customers buying your products and services Policymakers and regulators […]

Forrester CX: Vanguard, Culture and Trust

We are live-blogging from Forrester’s CXNYC this week, the event for customer experience leaders, innovators, and practitioners. One of the most fundamental questions Vanguard faces: How do you build an emotional connection with millions of clients you’ll never meet in person? Think back to opening your 401K or brokerage statement back in 2009.  Not a […]

Can the Healthcare Industry create a Society that No Longer Bowls Alone?

There was a provocative blog published that linked prescription non-adherence with beliefs, trust and lack of communication. As I read through it, my mind thought of two things: 1. Robert Putnam’s classic publication Bowling Alone and the importance placed on trust to create social capital, and 2. the Advocacy Coalition Framework’s role of beliefs. According […]

Customer trust and UX SLAs: Thoughts on the Epsilon email server breach

How many notices did you receive about the Epsilon email breach that was discovered on March 30? How did the news of that make you feel toward a compromised company you do business with? Even though only email addresses were stolen, did you wonder whether you needed to worry about more than just watching for […]