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6 Predictions on How AI Will Advance in 2018

Among many trends, AI’s continuing rollout and use in the enterprise ranks near the top. I recently read an article in on their Six Artificial Intelligence Predictions.  I wanted to highlight what they said and react to it myself based on what we are seeing in the market.  It’s worth it to read what […]

2017 Digital Transformation Trend: Integration is King

Integration is king; long live integration. In some ways, this may be one of the more obvious trends. If you want to deliver a great customer experience, you have to both know something about this person interacting with you and provide key transaction(s). Both of these elements drive the need for integration. Let me give you […]

2017 DT Trend: Cloud Maturity Will Allow Evolution of DT

No one should be surprised that cloud continues to be a trend in 2017 and beyond.  The fact is that Digital Transformation requires exactly the features that cloud provides.  Forrester has a nice quote that I think summarizes the value we need: Many I&O technology investments fail to deliver true business value through great customer […]

2017 DT Trend: Mobile Will Just Become Customer Experience

We rely more on anecdotal evidence for this but it’s definitely a trend.  While B2C organizations continue to highlight the importance of consumer-based mobile we see that the hype cycle has begun to level out.  Mobile is important.  No one argues that.  Omnichannel is important. No one argues that either.  However, more companies now realize […]

2017 Digital Transformation Trends: CX Will Retain Importance

As it typical at the end of the year, you think about what the next year will bring.  I’ve got eight topics that I think will impact Digital Transformation or a company’s Digital Transformation initiative.  Some of them probably won’t be a surprise.  That would include my first topic, in 2017 Customer Experience will remain […]

CGT Conference: The Connected Company – Wall Street’s Perspective

Alexia Howard, an equity research analyst, spoke to the conference about how revolution is happening outside of the tech sector.  There are big opportunities for smaller and bigger companies.   There are a variety of big trends that will shape the landscape. Rise of social netowrking Health and wellnes E-commerce and packaged food US Hispanic […]

Web Content Management’s Trend Towards Portals

For the entire history of the portal, when someone asked, “When should I use a portal instead of a content management system?”, the answer was easy.  When you have to login, surface applications, personalize the experience, and otherwise do more than simple content display, then use a portal.  However, that’s been changing of late.  This […]

Accountable Care Organizations: Will we be reading in 2011 “Community ACOs Partner with Large Carrier”?

I was reading “2011 Predictions: MU Goes Tactical, ACO Strategic” where John Moore, Chilmark Research, lists 2011 key IT healthcare trends. I have a payer background so my view of ACOs is slanted to the systems and processes that have been put in place over the years at Payers (DM, CM, UM, Wellness, Pharmacy Benefit […]