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Show Dynamic Values in i18n Variable Using JavaScript

Use case: pass dynamic values in i18n and get them translated using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) translator. Let’s say you want to show a pop-up message to end users with their name and the product’s name. You will need to use i18n so that the message gets translated based on the internationalization. The steps below […]

For Whom Are Your Sitecore Translations For?

On a recent client engagement working with an existing Sitecore multi-site instance, a discussion took place on how to better manage the current translations process. The primary issue to be resolved was the overwriting of translation values on deployments. This was happening for translations entered during a specific time window between deployment label creation and actual […]

Machine Translations (for Term Sets) in SharePoint 2013

In one of my earlier blog posts, I showed how term sets can be translated manually using XLIFF files. This post will step through the process of setting up machine translations for a term set. Process: 1. Go to Central Administration and create a SharePoint Translation Service application if it’s not already setup.