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3 Solutions For Success With Globalized Content Strategy

  Implementing Experience Management solutions for global organizations involves particular challenges. The complexity of maintenance and cost of translating a large content repository increases several-fold when it must be reproduced across multiple regions and languages.   Most organizations take one of two approaches to supporting multi-lingual content.   Translate Everything Decentralized Translations   To understand what’s […]

Show Dynamic Values in i18n Variable Using JavaScript

Use case: pass dynamic values in i18n and get them translated using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) translator. Let’s say you want to show a pop-up message to end users with their name and the product’s name. You will need to use i18n so that the message gets translated based on the internationalization. The steps below […]

Sitecore Symposium 2017: Globalize Your Message with Localization

Meena Verma, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Alpha Assembly Solutions, gave a presentation on localization with Digital Marketing. She takes an approach of meeting your customers’ needs. The following are my notes from the session: Your translation strategy should include: Internationalization: ensure source content is ready for multiple languages Localization: cultural adaptation of a target language […]

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Updating Page Titles with AEM LiveCopy

In my previous post about AEM LiveCopy, I showed how this powerful tool could be used to manage multiple variant-based sites such as dealer or branch sites. Recently, I found another trick which can help make LiveCopy even more powerful and easy to use. Why Isn’t My Title Updating?? By default, AEM excludes certain properties from […]

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How to Get Sitecore Dictionary in JavaScript

It’s very easy to get translations in back-end code — either Razor views or .cs files — by simply calling to Sitecore.Globalization.Translate.Text(). But what about JavaScript widgets? There we have several options: Item Web API results in overhead and is hard to use without additional implementation. StringDictionary embeds values right in HTML and needs to be configured […]

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4 New Invaluable Translation Features in AEM 6.2

With the coming release of AEM 6.2, Adobe has released a number of very interesting updates to AEM’s translation feature. These features improve the user experience for AEM’s Translation functionality, making it easier to translate and manage localized content. I recently attended a webinar on the new translation features coming as a part of the […]