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Detecting the Use of a Touch Screen

Here’s a fun one: Ever have some UI/UX interaction that needed to be one thing for mouses and another thing for touch devices? Ever used Modernizr? If you have, you may be familiar with this gem: Warning: Indicates if the browser supports the Touch Events spec, and does not necessarily reflect a touchscreen device You […]

Best reason to justify that new tablet “XP end of life”

If you are a one of those consumers that has held on to Windows XP and hasn’t made the jump to a new PC yet, consider this… don’t do it! Instead, bite the bullet and spend that little extra to move to a tablet based computer. There is another trend sweeping the market (other than […]

[Video] Touch Display Technology Changes How You Feel About HCI

Tactus Technology has introduced a new way to interact with your phone: The Tactus Tactile Layer. This morphing layer of magic goo [paraphrasing] can raise up to form actual tactile buttons on your device, and disappear again when not needed. Previously, the only form of realistic haptic feedback available to touch devices was to have […]