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Cognos TM1 Off-Site Testing Recommendations

General Coordination From a general testing perspective, consider the following: Identify and visit the test site before the planned testing days Establish an “onsite” coordinator – usually someone associated with the facility (hotel or facilities manager, perhaps) who will be responsible for any facility provided accommodations Inspect and Validate any and all facility provided accommodations […]

IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler vs. Architect/Perspectives

Creating a dimension is similar in IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler and IBM Cognos TM1 Perspectives/Architect. However, there are some differences you should be aware of. Dimension Typing In Cognos TM1, dimensions can be created either by using the Dimension Editor (right click on Dimensions and select Create New Dimension)… …or by program code (using […]

Prototyping and Practical TM1 Architectural Concepts

“An Architect is the drawer of dreams”…Grace McGarvie  IBM Cognos TM1 gives us the ability to quickly and effectively prototype a business solution demonstrating to users proposed functionalities and capabilities of a system design rather than relying on only discussions and theory.  In some cases, it may seem like a good idea for your prototype […]

Modifying Cognos TM1 Configuration Parameters

The Tm1s.cfg Server Configuration File The Tm1s.cfg file is an ASCII file that specifies environment information for a TM1 server. A default Tm1s.cfg file is created in the TM1 server data directory when you install a copy of the TM1 server. You can edit the Tm1s.cfg file to reflect the environment of the associated remote […]

Cognos TM1 Models – focusing on the “value add”

TM1 Models will all consist of 4 functional components. These will be Absorb, Configure, Calculate/Consolidate and Consume. Remember: Each component must be kept distinct! Components are purpose based not technology based! Focus on which components add value to the business not ones that are generic to any business!  Now let’s have a look at each […]