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Estimating Hints for Cognos TM1 Report Development

Typically, a TM1 project will include work to create reports. Most finance groups will have a number of Excel workbooks that they are using for both their forecasting and planning as well as for reporting. These workbooks will become the “templates” for designing your TM1 input sheets and reports. For the reports, you will be […]

Cognos TM1 Reporting Solution Strategy

Solve, then Evolve All Cognos TM1 implementations require a strategy to deliver an appropriate reporting solution. This is the plan that will ensure that each business user will have access to all the TM1 data that they need, in the most usable format and in a timely manner. This plan must be based upon environmental […]

Leveraging Existing Cognos TM1 Components

Abstract Eventually, you will (hopefully) have developed and delivered something in TM1 that is unique enough (and adds significant value) that you’ll want to leverage it in other models. Leverage Considerations Before leveraging your component, the following must be considered: General Business Requirements (do your business requirements match the delivered components business specifications?) Component Mechanics […]

IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler – Hierarchy Dimensions

This time I wanted to “run through” how creating a simple dimensional hierarchy using Performance Modeler compares to using Architect and “native” TM1. Keep in mind that although you properly would not use this technique to build a production ready TM1 model, it is most likely more than adequate for prototyping and building personal models. […]

IBM Cognos TM1 – Cube Naming Ideas

Start Early!  Another important design best practice that should be established early in the development process is establishing naming conventions for your cubes. In fact, it is highly recommended that you introduce your entire project user community – Architects, Modelers, Contributors, Analysts and Consumers – to all of your naming conventions, as part of a […]

Prototyping and Practical TM1 Architectural Concepts

“An Architect is the drawer of dreams”…Grace McGarvie  IBM Cognos TM1 gives us the ability to quickly and effectively prototype a business solution demonstrating to users proposed functionalities and capabilities of a system design rather than relying on only discussions and theory.  In some cases, it may seem like a good idea for your prototype […]

Cognos TM1 Users – Calculation of Concurrent Users

        The number of concurrent users is significant when determining architecture for a TM1 model. To determine the number of concurrent users your TM1 model must support, each user must be assigned a weighting. To determine the weighting of a user you will need to determine the “type” of that user. All […]