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6 Sitecore Video Channels to Follow in 2019

Everyone has their own favorite learning style. For those of us who are visual learners, there are a few good YouTube channels available to help explain the various features and functions of Sitecore. Here are a few of my favorites: Official Sitecore YouTube Channel Sitecore’s official channel features a good variety of general Sitecore knowledge. The […]

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Designing in Adobe XD: 4 Quick Tips and Tricks

Here at Perficient Digital, we use Adobe XD on a daily basis for very large and sophisticated enterprise projects. They typically require fast turnarounds and usually up to 10-15 versions or rounds of revisions per feature. While the Adobe UX tool’s improvements have been a life saver, we’ve found a few Adobe XD shortcuts and […]

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Tips and Tricks: Steps to setup CICS Transaction Gateway(CTG)

Having recently worked on integrating across multiple CICS regions using CTG, I have shared some of my observations during configuration.To put things in perspective, below is a conceptual diagram to set up a high availability CTG environment. Before you start: 1.CICS Transaction Gateway should be installed. 2.You also need to install support pack CA1T V3.0.1. […]

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Shaming Yourself Into Better Code

Last week Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardry posted an article that caught my attention. It was simply titled “shame.css.” He talks about the issue all developers face at some point in the life-cycle of a project – having to hack together code to get a defect fixed quickly. It’s the struggle between wanting to keep code […]

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