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Medical Concepts, Safe Support

The Top 6 Emerging Healthcare Trends for 2023

With new regulations and increasing access to data, healthcare organizations (HCOs) have a lot to balance to keep pace with ever-changing consumer expectations. With an understanding of what’s next for the healthcare industry, HCOs can more strategically prioritize investments. As we approach the new year, we expect the following six trends to drive the healthcare […]

How Can AI Be Used For Clinical Trials?

The continuous innovation of technology is changing the way companies operate across different sectors. In particular, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to have the most significant impact. In this post, we’ll discuss how big data and AI can be used to support clinical trials in a variety of ways. How does big […]

Are you really listening to your patients?

If the pressure to obtain and implement Customer Relationship Management software by healthcare organizations is any indication, decision makers are recognizing the increasing importance of consumer knowledge in the race to improve patient satisfaction scores. Indeed, today, patient insights can lead healthcare organizations to their best opportunities for growth and restoration of profitability far more […]

Listening Deeply: Using Text Mining on Social Media Data

Social media means big business for a lot of brands.  Many companies jump into social media outlets with great gusto and litter the place with ethusiastic diatribes about how great they are.  They release tweets with no greater value proposition than “try our great product now”, and then they wonder why their social media efforts are not […]

A Data Mining Approach to Spam Detection in Social Bookmarking Sites – Part 2

In Part 1 , we saw a small introduction to Social Bookmarking Sites and about the task. Let us now look into the Approach we employ here to predict the spammers. THE APPROACH Data Extraction & Data Cleaning The dataset provided consists of bookmarks, tags & user ids, and is in the form of a […]

A Data Mining Approach to Spam Detection in Social Bookmarking Sites – Part 1

With the growing popularity of social bookmarking sites, spammers typically use these kind of services as a playground for their activities. As we sll know, one of the main disadvantages of Social Bookmarking Systems is Spam. The intention of spammers to use these systems is to pursue two goals: Place links in the sites to […]