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Exploring Test Level and Suite Level Parameterization in TestNG

Parameterization in test automation is a crucial technique that enables testers to execute the same test with different data sets or configurations, enhancing flexibility and test coverage. By using parameterized tests, testers can run a single test multiple times with various inputs, thereby improving the comprehensiveness of testing. This approach saves time and effort by […]

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TestNG Custom Annotations with Parameters

TestNG, a robust testing framework for Java, empowers testers to create custom annotations with parameters, revolutionizing how test configurations are managed. In this blog, we will delve into the process of crafting custom annotations in TestNG, explore the art of passing parameters to these annotations, and showcase their practical application through illustrative examples. This feature […]

Using Selenium with Java and TestNG (3)

EventFiringWebDriver & Listener In this blog, I‘ll introduce how we use EventFiringWebDriver and listener to create an auto-logging system for the test framework.   Why use EventFiringWebDriver and the event listener? If we use it, we can easily know what a web driver instance will do with a small listener, and what operation  it does […]

Using Selenium with Java and TestNG (2)

DataProvider in TestNG In this blog, I‘ll introduce how to use TestNG’s DataProvider to create a data driven test. DataProvider is a feature of TestNG which makes TestNG easier to create data driven tests than Junit. It’s pretty easy to use DataProvider. First, let’s add the DataProvider into a test annotation like this: