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From Static to Dynamic: The Shift Towards Contextual Commerce in Retail

Every year, new technology and trends emerge in the e-commerce industry. Chatbots, AI, and customer experience have all been hailed as game changers in recent years, with retailers keen to adopt them to improve their digital capabilities. Still, consumers face: Multiple navigation steps Too many products to browse Lengthier checkout process etc. However, what if […]

Advantages of Datorama

Consider Maturity, Limitations, and Appropriateness of New Tech

Digital transformation initiatives should also consider the maturity, limitations, and appropriateness of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics technologies. Again, look to other industries for insight. If you believe the automotive pundits, fully autonomous, driverless cars are only months away. Google and Tesla told us they would have fully autonomous cars by 2018; GM planned […]

CGT Conference: Insights into Starbucks’ Journey

In a special session at the CGT Business and Technology Conference, Starbucks representatives shared how the company is creating transparent connections between trade and customer management systems and processes. Starbucks is also integrating IT in a transparent process to make sure it is meeting business needs, even when those needs change in the middle of […]