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Cultural Bridges: Insights from Perficient’s Integration

In the dynamic world of corporate mergers and acquisitions, merging different organizational cultures often presents both challenges and opportunities. This was precisely the focus of the first Cultural Connections ERG panel of 2024 organized by Perficient, where members from various regions shared their experiences and insights on how to navigate the integration process and leverage […]


Balancing Work & Play: Team Outing at Club Cabana

Balancing work and play is crucial for maintaining a healthy work environment in the fast-paced world of deadlines and meetings. Our office recently took a refreshing break from the routine and embarked on an outing to Club Cabana, an amusement park that seamlessly blends work and play. Our colleagues, divided into two spirited teams, Team […]

Boardroom Conference Conference Room 1181396

8 Pieces of Advice for Starting a New Job at Perficient (or Anywhere)

Speaking From Experience… Our Employees and Leaders Spill their Secrets It’s not very often you learn exactly what to do when you start a new job. Luckily, Perficient is known to have outstandingly friendly and supportive team members strategically activated to help employees succeed, both at the start of their Perficient career and moving throughout […]

A Doze of Agile-Dopamine to Your Team

My first doze of Agile-Dopamine A corporate training session introduced me to an Agile team. Their actions challenged the myths about many traditional corporate practices. Sampling some of their actions: The team was a mixed group of technical and non-technical members including the Business head. I realized they understood the need for cross-functionality, transparency and […]

The Salesforce Team Spills: Why Perficient

What It’s Like Working at Perficient Have you ever gotten off a team conference call and felt so powerful and inspired you were convinced your team could conquer the world? It feels good, right? Admittedly, while not every single call is like that (and a second cup of coffee by the declarer of that first […]

Automation Testing – What to Expect and What Not to Expect

Myth 1: Automation replaces Manual Testers. Reality: After the scripts are developed, the common misconception is that we can replace the manual testers with Automation, but this is not true. Automation is a program which will test the flow of the system. Even a small defect can be missed if we don’t write scripts to look for […]

Business Continuity

The Makeup of an Ideal Global Delivery Service Team

Outsourcing IT projects has become the norm on most of the projects that I have worked on lately. Either the offshore team belongs to the client, or Perficient provides the offshore team to help with the implementation. I have also received all kinds of feedback from customers (past and present) with respect to working with […]

How to Be a Valuable Team Member

The transient nature of the modern workforce leads to individuals working with a vast number of peers and teams throughout the course of their career. Being able to build relationships quickly and earn the respect of your peers is essential for those who want to move into a leadership role. Here are some practical tips for how […]

Using GIT deploy key in Jenkins – Written By Tom Tang

This post is an introduction for who want to use Jenkins manage multiple project, using GIT as version control. Of course! We can use SSH-KEY mapping GIT server and CI server together. But that means we must use same SSH-KEY in different projects and some guys can run command “commit” and “push “commit code to […]

Build the Internal Product

TPT project is a GDC internal project and it is using for tracking the skill set of all GDC colleagues. From my perspective, I think it should be a useful tool and it can improve the daily job of resource team performance a lot. But actually, this project is not a successful case. This project […]

Motivation in an Agile Team

Motivation is an important personal skill to inspire individuals to reach a goal or diminish some kind of feelings like pain. Moreover, it may be beneficial to have a good motivation skill throughout your life.   The interesting image (left) shows an impossible thing–an ant is holding up a length of wood which is several times it’s […]

What is SQA?

Many new employees always ask such questions ‘What is SQA?’, ‘What SQA do in the project?’. To answer these questions I will introduce the SQA role in this post. There is one process area in CMMI model which is PPQA (Process and Product Quality Assurance). It has several objectives, Objectively Evaluate Processes and Work Products […]

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