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Team Building Matters: 10 Tips for Creating a Happy Team

A happy employee is a productive employee. This is not a new concept. But what makes an employee “happy?” A winning culture, a collaborative team, and a healthy work environment are just a few facets of employee satisfaction, but above all, effective team leadership can make or break team morale. When you’re leading a project, […]

Is Version Control (or Lack of It) Disrupting Your Content Team?

Version control. Whether your marketing team is within an agency, small business, enterprise, or startup, keeping track of content versions is a struggle. And the struggle is real for everyone on the team. When multiple people touch content files, things can get ugly. Changes get lost or overwritten, the wrong versions get passed along from […]

Hello? Can You Hear Me? How to Deal with Poor Communication

When you are working with a client there are a lot things out of your control. Such as, scope of work, technology stack, governance rules and guidelines, whether or not the client communicates well. That last item, client communication can be, I feel, one of the biggest obstacles to having a happy, satisfied and repeat […]

Is listening the central competence for effective leadership?

Most of us have little insight into how well our listening skills are performing in our working relationships. And yet research is showing that effectiveness in the workplace hinges partly on an overlooked ability to actively (consciously) listen. And research goes even further to say, success at work and in leading teams depends on a […]

Why global teams work (or not)

We want to work well together! We want to jell because it’s costly and painful when we don’t. So why is it challenging for some global work teams to thrive while others click? Why is it that some project teams start and run smoothly when they are located in different continents and time zones and other […]