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Working Hard. Wearhouse Workers.

How Manufacturers Can Determine If They’re Ready to Go Direct-to-Customer (D2C)

As a manufacturer, you’re a master in your products and their production, but developing a digital go-to-market strategy to help your organization evolve is equally as important with getting your products out the door – especially if you’re considering going direct-to-customer (D2C). Targeting customers directly can provide many benefits to your business, such as building […]

Video advertising

Drive More Business with Video Advertising in Automotive Part 2

One of the fastest-growing digital advertising tactics in the automotive industry is video advertising as dealers begin to see the value of the medium, while others are simply getting on board because they see their competitors doing it. Keeping up with competitors is never a bad thing, but you should always take the time to […]

A Is For Audience

A is for Audience

Audiences drive strategy and marketing efforts, so understanding why audiences are important and how we learn about them is a critical first step for all marketers.

#AdobeChat Recap: Connecting With Your Audience

Once upon a time, marketers were ecstatic if they could meet their consumers and form a connection a fraction of the time. Today’s expectations are drastically different. The new standard is being able to consistently connect with your audience wherever they are. In the most recent #AdobeChat we discussed connecting, understanding and creating with your […]