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Transformation Initiatives Are Critical in Telecom and Cable

While innovation thrives and the “regulatory environment seems favorable to consolidation,” according to John Legeras, CEO of T-Mobile, obstacles persist. Through transformational initiatives, companies must remain diligent in setting and meeting their business and enterprise priorities so they remain competitive. Minimizing operating expenses through better cost-management activities, investing in new technologies, and redesigning processes will […]

Customer Experience in Telecom and Cable Is the Key to Growth

While operational efficiency is critical when it comes to running a lean and profitable business, it is closely intertwined with the customer experience. For example, better processes along with front- and back-end systems can lead to faster and more effective customer service. It can also lead to better and faster delivery of products and services. […]

The Personalization Problem Web Sites Have

It’s official.  Most web sites that use an ad service of any kind have a personalization problem. It’s a serious one in this evolving world of consumer expectations.  It’s making some large ad companies a lot of money but at the expense of their customers who do ad buys and expect some sort of smart […]