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Connecting with Customers: How to Effectively Send Salesforce Survey Forms

In the previous part of this blog, we’ve seen what Salesforce Survey is, how to enable it and How to Create a Salesforce Survey form. If you are not aware of the Survey forms, you can go with this link. In this part of this blog, we are going to explore the ways through which […]

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Mastering Customer Feedback: A Guide to Salesforce Surveys

Introduction: In today’s world, we see that many businesses are emerging everywhere. It can be of any type. It establishes and grows. And, to grow, it requires customers and customers require satisfaction. Both things are interdependent. To keep a healthy relationship with customers, businesses use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Collecting feedbacks from customers is […]

Resource Tips for Trying Times: Impactful Feedback [Healthcare Series]

We hope this message finds you well and that this newest tip better equips healthcare teams for the critical support currently being delivered to consumers.  TIP: Understand user needs right now – build a site survey feedback loop Consumers are looking to healthcare organizations to provide guidance and answer key questions during this pandemic. Organizations […]