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Is It Time to Upgrade Oracle?

Current Support Policies If you are on Oracle EBS 12.1 or database 12c or below, you might want to consider upgrading.  Oracle support policies change, so be sure and check the latest updates, but at the time of this writing, premier support for EBS 12.1 ends in December 2021. Currently Oracle does not plan to […]

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Help Your Customers Help Themselves – A Self-Service Toolbox

Ahhhhh, the soothing sounds of Muzak in my ear as I wait on yet another level of ‘automated’ phone service. All the while I’m wondering, did I choose the right selection? The lady at the beginning said I was supposed to listen closely because the selections might have changed. What if I wind up with […]

Accounts Receivable – A Resolution Process Necessity

Good day and welcome to my blog. Each and every company who has a customer base has a need for accounts receivable/collections personnel. For smaller companies, one person may wear many hats including the accounts receivable or collections department hat. For any business transaction that is not completed (paid) immediately, there is a follow-up process.

What Does the End of Support for Maximo Mean to You?

Thankfully, it’s the End of Support for Maximo 7.5 – not all versions! Hopefully this isn’t a surprise to anyone and you received the corrected letter from IBM on April 17, 2017. The software withdrawal and support discontinuance includes other products besides Maximo; so you might want to verify other applications aren’t affected. The withdrawal […]

Customer Experience: Don’t Ask, Know!

Having worked with clients across industries and around the world – one thing about customer service is clear: the more you know about your customers and their experience, the better you can anticipate and serve their needs. I’m sure you’ll agree that as a customer, it feels good to be acknowledged by name and appreciated […]

Keeping up with the Fixes

A huge number of my projects are platform upgrades, and every time I ask my customers why they haven’t applied a single published fix for any of the products involved since the system was built (sometimes upwards of 7 years ago). They usually reply with a variation on the old trope, “If it ain’t broke, […]

3 B2C Support Trends & Lessons Learned

With hundreds of implementations under our collective belt, Perficient’s Service Cloud Practice has worked with an incredible range of companies, business models, and end customers. Being data nerds at heart, we’re always on the lookout for trends and patterns among this diverse group. Clients like Activision, Minted, Kabam, and Twitter have taught us that much like […]

Some Useful Items to Take on the sql Optimization

Currently, we have a long time running issue for a data warehouse job, so we decided to optimize some stored procedures. After analyzing the stored procedures. we have some findings regarding the sql optimization. 1. Use the temporary table to minimize disk access. From the sql tuning view, the main concern for the database applications is to minimize disk access. Try […]

Informatica: Target Update Override

Target update override is also like source qualifier override. It is useful to update the target without using the update strategy transformation. You can find the Target Update Override option in the target definition properties tab. The syntax of update statement to be specified in Target Update Override is UDATE TARGET_TABLE_NAME SET TARGET_COLUMN1 = :TU.TARGET_PORT1, […]

Using Metadata Integrator

Business Objects provides a tool named Metadata Integrator to import relationship between universe and report. You need configure CMS(Central Management Server) and target database in Metadata Integrator first, then run, then it will load those relationship into target database. Below is window when data loading starts Here is description of related tables: Table Name Description […]

Why Attend ICMI’s 10th Annual Contact Center Exhibition (ACCE)?

Part of the fun of owning Service Cloud Strategy at Perficient is getting to participate in industry events and conferences. We like to stay on top of innovative trends in the industry at large, not just the Salesforce ecosystem, because it’s critical to the success of our clients. Learning and sharing are part of our […]

What Does Big Data Mean for Customer Service and Support?

When our Service Cloud clients ask us what we think of “Big Data” – we usually say that it really boils down to “smart(er) use of data”. What does that mean for Customer Service organizations? Setting aside the technical challenges – let’s look at some of the potential benefits of Big Data Technology for your business.

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