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Trends that are shaping the expectations of the connected consumer

As the connected consumer evolves, demands and expectations continue to rise, and trends rapidly change.  Connected Consumers use the power of information to drive prices down, yet still demand a high level of service.  Retailers must utilize and analyze complex data to understand insights, customer service expectations and responses that will supersede the expectations of […]

Importance of Social Integration

Glenn Kline, Sales Director with IBM PCS at Perficient, recently wrote a blog post about the importance of social needs integrating with Portals at the IBM Digital Experience Conference.  Social Interactions have become a pertinent part of business as a whole but are very important in regards to consumer engagement. Patterns represent modernized processes with […]

Top Quotes and Notes from the Field at NRF

The NRF’s Big Show is underway and already there’s a lot of information out there to consume and reflect upon. I thought it would be helpful to compile some insights and thoughts around some of the most talked about retail technologies at NRF this year.  Supply Chain and Commerce “The last mile wars are just […]

NRF: 5 Things Every Retail CIO Needs to Know

We know it’s a new year when the NRF Big Show kicks off in January.  Each year we migrate to New York City to see the best and brightest of retail for the next year.  This year is no exception – and like the holiday shopping season just passed, we go looking for the new […]

Retail Trends 2014: #5 – A “Fulfilling” Experience (Faster Fulfillment)

I promise not to talk about drones (well, maybe just a little.) In 1860, with 120 riders, 184 stations, 400 horses and several hundred personnel, the Pony Express reduced the time for messages to travel across the United States to 10 days. It was a successful innovation, but still not fast enough, and after 18 […]

The Consumer Will Dictate Retail’s IT Spending in 2014

Consumers will continue to dictate investments in retail technology next year (this is not a surprise really) to satisfy today’s “smart shopper”. To keep pace with new customer demands like “click and collect”, mobile couponing, showrooming and geo-targeting, personalized recommendations and other customer experiences to support omnichannel retailing, brands will rely on three key investments […]

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Perficient Launches Retail Blog in Time for Peak Shopping Season!

What better time to launch Perficient’s Retail Technology blog than during the biggest shopping season of the year! We look forward to sharing information on the latest trends in retail technology, strategy and shopper behaviors that are critical to success in the industry. Our diverse team of  technology professionals, strategists, writers and thought leaders possess […]