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Top 5 SharePoint Innovations Announced Today

On Star Wars day the force is most definitely with SharePoint. SharePoint is here to stay and continues to form an integral part of Office 365. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 innovations announced today… #1 Page Rendering Model There is a radically new page rendering model. SharePoint pages previously relied a lot on […]

May the Force Be With Your Cloud Strategy

May the Force Be With Your Cloud Strategy

Not long ago in a technology world not so far away, traditional on-premises information technology was the norm for ambitious enterprises . Every few years, management would realize that existing assets had become outdated, and work towards a technology refresh. Often times these refreshes were arduous, multi-month-long projects requiring increased manpower, strategic advisory, and research […]

The 21 Hottest Toys to Buy Now as Determined by IBM Watson

This week, IBM released the IBM Watson Trend app that uses the power of IBM Watson to help you buy the hottest gifts for everyone  on your list. Watson isn’t programmed. It learns. It has been used for clinical trials, oncology and more and has the ability to learn a subject and then answer questions […]