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Bank of America Is Going Head-to-Head With Venmo, Kind Of…

Bank of America is ready to compete with Venmo by introducing a Zelle widget. The Zelle widget can be added to the home screen of a mobile device, similar to a weather widget, so that bank customers can send money. While the widget eliminates the need to open BofA’s mobile banking app, users must have […]

The 18 Unicorns In FinTech

  A few days ago, I shared a list, a much smaller list, of unicorn companies that sit in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. To refresh your memory, a unicorn is a technology-related organization with a valuation of more than $1 billion, typically a start-up, and with no real track record of success. In a recent report, […]

Square and the End of Cash Registers for Companies Big and Small

The first time I saw someone use Square was last year during a brief shopping excursion in Chinatown. I was in San Francisco for a User Experience conference and had a few hours free to explore. I had just found what I would refer to as the “cutest iPhone case ever” shaped like a bright […]

Example of using the phone to sign for a transacation

What is Square?

Lance Korsun made a comment on my recent blog about’s review of mobile payment systems.  He said we should have had Square in there.  He makes a lot of sense because I’ve started to see it popping up quite a bit. Here are some examples: I recently paid for a taxi fare with Square […]

Healthcare Informatics Made Easy?

This Fast Company article about the hot credit card-processing startup Square (their product is on the left side of the above image) got me thinking about health data, especially this snippet: Rabois says Square was designed to be the “Google Analytics” of small- to medium-size businesses, and unlike traditional POS systems, the app’s simple dashboard […]