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Data Mining with IBM SPSS Modeler v15

Having recently completed the course “IBM SPSS Modeler & Data Mining” offered by Global Knowledge, I was looking to find more opportunities to do some modeling with SPSS Modeler. So, when I read in the news recently, about college recruiters using predictive techniques to determine the probability of a particular recruit graduating on time, I […]

IBM SPSS Statistics Syntax & Macro Development

The SPSS Syntax Editor (by default, the name of the new syntax window is SPSS Statistics Syntax Editor). Is divided into 4 areas (or “panes”):   Editor Pane The editor pane is the main part of the syntax editor and it is here where you perform your scripting. Gutter Pane The gutter pane is adjacent […]

Using IBM SPSS Statistics to Analyze Your Data

No matter what the tool or technology used, data analysis always involves 4 simple steps: Pull together data, Pick the appropriate analysis process or procedure to be performed on that data, Point out (designate) the variables in the data that you are interested in and finally, after performing the selected process, you can Peruse the […]