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Transforming Data with Loop and Vector

As promised, today I am sharing the fundamentals of using the LOOP and VECTOR in a SPSS Syntax script. LOOP LOOP is a common programming concept – it simply allows you to apply or execute the same script commands for an identified number of times without having to recode them.   VECTOR A VECTOR is […]

IBM SPSS Statistics Syntax – Restructuring Your Files

Continuing my discussion on the use of SPSS Syntax scripting to perform file operations, today I’ve investigated how to use SPSS to perform some very general physical file restructuring. Why is this important? It’s important because it again shows how SPSS can be used to arrange the data pool into the most effective format based […]

IBM SPSS Statistics Syntax & Macro Development

The SPSS Syntax Editor (by default, the name of the new syntax window is SPSS Statistics Syntax Editor). Is divided into 4 areas (or “panes”):   Editor Pane The editor pane is the main part of the syntax editor and it is here where you perform your scripting. Gutter Pane The gutter pane is adjacent […]

IBM SPSS Statistics Syntax Best Practice

I recently audited the IBM course IBM SPSS Statistics Syntax I – ILO 0L406. In that course, you are introduced to the scripting language that IBM SPSS Statistics offers. It’s well worth your time. SPSS Syntax is a scripting language composed of a library of functions that can be used to modify, manage and analyze […]