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[Podcast] What If Everyone Could Be a Front-line Worker?

In this episode, Kim talks with Ron Thurston – Author of the book “Retail Pride” and Host of the podcast “Retail in America” and John Gregory, Global Head of Industry for Retail at Spotify to talk about what it means to be a front-line worker in retail today and how that cohort can be tapped […]

Twenty Open Source iOS Frameworks You Should be Using

Objective-C on the iOS platform continues to rise in popularity. Between iOS and Android platforms, now there are close to 1.6 billion apps. This is a phenomenal number of apps. Given this explosion, it is but natural to see the proliferation of some excellent open source frameworks on social code repositories like Github and Google Code. This […]

Software-based Firms Lead the Economy

Software is eating the world. About a month ago Marc Andreessen, part-owner of venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz, wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal entitled Why Software is Eating the World in which he stated that, although the overall stock market and economy have tumbled recently, the United States is still in a favorable […]