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Webinar: SharePoint 2013 Search & Social – What to Know!

It is clear by now that SharePoint 2013 offers up some big changes, particularly around search and social functionality. For starters, Fast Search is now part of SharePoint in the new release. This means that SharePoint 2013 can easily index content from a wide variety of different sources. By taking the Fast solution and combining […]

SP2013 Search: Workaround for People Result Sorting

So I was getting some unexpected behavior (as in just not working!) when I tried to apply sorting to people search from the peopleresults.aspx page through the query builder. I hadn’t had any issues sorting on my other result sources but people results were proving to be stubborn. To reproduce, try going to your People […]

SP2013 Search–Content Type Managed Property in Queries

Not the right effect? Very short and sweet this time, hopefully will help those who happen on this page for this common issue. In the Query Builder, you can create a query using using fields or managed properties. A common field that users will use for creating a fielded search is Content Type. However, as […]