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Perficient's Top 5 Portals and Social Business Blog Posts of 2013

It’s been a busy year for our Portals and Social Business bloggers with changes in the space happening daily. With so much information to absorb, we thought we’d narrow it down for you to our five most popular posts of the year, in no particular order. Is SharePoint 2013 Good for External Websites – Mark […]

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Social Collaboration Tools: Evolution Today, Revolution Tomorrow?

Yesterday, published an article written by my colleague, Rich Wood. In the essay, (R)Evolution: The Past, Present and Future of the Social Enterprise, Rich discusses how social collaboration tools represent not a revolution (yet), but an evolution of organizational communication. Rich begins by explaining: It’s been too easy to claim that introducing newsfeeds, microblogging, @targets and #tags to the […]

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Social Intranets the Microsoft Way

We interrupt our regularly scheduled series on SharePoint Careers to direct you to a series my colleague, Mark Polly, is writing on Social Intranets.  It’s definitely worth checking out, and a higher-level take on a subject we’ve explored in this space many times over– a good companion piece to everything we’ve published (and will continue […]

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Intranets Then and Now or The Rise of “Make it like Facebook”

To really understand the value of social intranets today, you have to understand where they came from.  Today we’re going to spend a little time taking a look back at where intranets have been and where they’re going, because having that context can be a real boon when you’re staring at an intranet redesign project. […]

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Simply Social: SharePoint 2013

After my webinar on the topic went so well yesterday, I thought I’d distill the basics of Social (what, how, and why) in SharePoint 2013 into a few quick posts here at the blog.  Today’s inaugural topic represents the “what”— a quick look at the new social functionality in SharePoint 2013. Anyone who remembers the […]

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Understanding How to Create a Successful Social Intranet: 3 Tips for Optimizing Collaboration

Intranets have long been the standard for sharing secure information within an organization, but they can be challenging to manage, especially when left to one person or group, and consequently, the information could become stale or employee involvement low. So how do we make sure our intranet is valuable and the investment maximized? By adding […]

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