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How to Make the Power of Digital Communities Work for You

  The demand for hyper-connected digital experiences continues with a shift in how organizations are approaching communication and brand interactions but many brands are still missing the mark. This means more than just having one-way marketing coversations with your audience on Facebook and Twitter or infusing mobile apps. Companies need next-generation experiences that are directly plugged into core business processes, […]

Social Madness During March Madness

Whether or not you’re a NCAA basketball fan, how can you not notice March Madness? How many of your colleagues pored over their brackets? How many commercials have you seen on television and online? How many headlines have you read? This annual sporting event is not just a basketball tournament, it’s an enormous national media […]

Social Engagement to Enhance Customer Service

I recently blogged on using social for customer service.  Most of that post focused on listening.  I want to focus this post on the engagement portion.  I’ll break it down by some common sense items you need to think about, policies you may need to modify, and then note some of the tools you could […]

Reasons #1 and #2 to be excited about Dreamforce: Teaming in the Cloud

Dream Team… Assemble in the Cloud! It’s finally come and gone! After months and weeks of buildup, including my own running buildup to the event, Dreamforce was wonderous week! This is an exciting time! I got to hang with almost twenty of my colleagues as a team. No small feat considering we’re coming from all over North America, spanning multiple time […]

Reason #5 to be excited about Dreamforce: Location, location, location

By this time next week, Dreamforce will be in full swing! People from around the world will begin descending upon San Francisco as early as Friday night in anticipation of a great week #GTKTC, a.k.a. getting to know the community! While there will be plenty to do during the conference Tuesday through Friday, there is also an amazing city to […]

Reason #6 to be excited about Dreamforce: Community

Why Community Matters So far, I have covered what I plan to learn at Dreamforce. A large part of that education will come from the sessions, but equally important is what I will learn from the community. If you’re like me, it’s not all about hitting the books, but also what can I learn from others. That’s […]

Reason #7 to be excited about Dreamforce: Education

In my last post, I shared my excitement about attending Dreamforce for the first time. Now I will start to dive into the various reasons why, starting with education. After all the hype and hoopla surrounding the event is put aside, the primary reason I am going is to expand and reinforce my skills in the Salesforce ecosystem. Social sessions […]

6 Pillars of Social Commerce: the psychology of social engagement

Brian Solis has an excellent post on the psychology of social engagement.  It’s worth your reading his entire take on things and the research he references.  A lot of you might read it and say, “Duh!, I already knew that” but I would say that when someone codifies it, we are the better for being […]