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IBM Connections Metrics

Miguel Estrada and Nan Shi presented the session Getting the Most Value Out of Metrics in IBM Connections 4 at IBM Connect 2013.  Metrics and analytics are critical to understanding your customer, employee and partner behavior and interactions.  Some of the key points in the session include: Metrics Overview Connections provides quantitative and qualitative metrics […]

What you need to know about IBM Social Analytics

At the IBM Connect conference, we heard about some of IBM’s approach to Social Analytics.  In a nutshell, you can break the strategy into two main areas: External Customer Analytics  Employee Analytics In both areas, the overall approach involves social listening, data collection, segmentation and deep analytics.  What we heard from IBM was a focus […]

Big Data and Social Business

Leon Katsnelson gave a presentation on Big Data and Social Business. His general theme is that we are seeing a LOT of data. This huge volume can fundamentally change how we addressthe business. In todays transactions we want more information on it What was the transaction? Who bought the widget? Where did they get the […]

Which Social Media Metrics Matter…..and to Whom

Alan Weintraub tweeted about this blog post by Nate Elliott at Forrester. He takes a look at how social media metrics should be different depending on who is looking at the data.   Keeping in mind that his is focused on social media and not what I would term social networking (see previous blog post), I […]