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Enhance Sitecore 10.2 Sitemap

Challenge: In Sitecore 10.2 with SXA, enhance the Sitemap with the following: Limit Sitemap content size to 50MB (uncompressed) and URL count to 50,000. If the limit is exceeded, split into multiple Sitemaps and reference them in a Sitemap Index. If you are on Sitecore 10.3, regarding this enhancement, check out the post – Split […]

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Split SXA Sitemap into Multiple Sitemaps if the Size Limit is Exceeded

Challenge: One of the best Sitemap practices is limiting a single sitemap to 50MB (uncompressed) or 50,000 URLs. We must break the Sitemap into multiple sitemaps if we have a larger file or more URLs. Then, reference each of them in the Sitemap index. Sitecore 10.3 onwards, SXA Sitemap supports splitting the Sitemap into multiple […]