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VIDEO: Sitecore Path Analyzer – Data Visualization

For the past several years, I have had a video series guiding marketers through accelerated training on Sitecore. While I have moved through fundamental marketing set up over these episodes, I have always promised to take a look at Sitecore’s powerful Path Analyzer. At Perficient, as a Sitecore Platinum Partner, I enjoy the luxury of […]

Top 5 Ways Sitecore FXM Can Empower Your Digital Marketing Team

It is rare that I run into a business that can either A: support their entire business with one digital property – be it one website, one app, or even one blog OR B: utilize a solution like Sitecore across multiple properties, especially out of the gate. To be fair, Sitecore CXP can certainly be […]

Sitecore Chris’ Symposium Journal – Day 2

Lots of fun at the NishTech Event last night then back to the hotel bar for drinks and interesting conversations on Helix, Habitat and Ignition.   At the bar, Mike Reynolds asks what I wanted and @Sitecorey and I said Chocolate Milk. Mike rolled his eyes, this is a bar they don’t server that.  I […]

Site Search vs. Traditional Navigation – really, both.

I am a broken record on this one topic: Don’t let site search be an afterthought. When determining or upgrading your web solution, site search should be in the mix of the business, strategy, and connectivity discussions from the beginning. Not only is it a user expectation and a way to improve customer experience, but […]