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Optimizely Configured Commerce Best Practices

Add PowerShell Script to the Context Menu in Sitecore SXA

This blog describes how to make any PowerShell script appear in the context menu of an item in Sitecore SXA. As a result, these menu options should only be available when necessary. We’ll also see ShowRule and EnableRule fields in the PowerShell script items for hiding/showing and enabling/disabling based on some fundamental Sitecore rules. Context […]

Jttc Install Powershell Languagetool 01

Language Copy Tool with Sitecore Powershell Extensions (2020 Update)

Starting a new language version in Sitecore doesn’t have to be painful. Sitecore Powershell Extensions can enable your team to copy and manipulate languages in bulk with ease. It’s a favorite of every content team I’ve had.

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Sitecore Powershell Extension 1: Installation and Overview

The Sitecore Powershell Extension is a module that provides a command-line interface and scripting environment to work with the Sitecore platform. Using the Powershell Extension, we can perform various operations of Sitecore items, as well as allow access to Sitecore APIs. It looks and works in the same way as the Windows Powershell utility. Sitecore […]

Writing Sitecore PowerShell Reports for Content Authors

Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) is such a great tool that I now consider it a fundamental part of any Sitecore solution. Among other uses, it excels at reporting and task automation. For example, when a Sitecore content tree balloons to 100,000+ items, writing efficient reports and automating tasks become critical to managing the madness. With that […]


Using Sitecore PowerShell to generate a report on last updates to your content

Recently I had to build a report in Sitecore to show the latest updates done on the content tree of a Sitecore instance and had to determine which users made those changes. One of the other important things on this report was the ability to have content authors generate the report from the Content Editor. If you ever need to perform such actions, the Sitecore Powershell Extensions (SPE) module is probably your best bet.

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Setting Workflow on All Templates Using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions

The other day I had a requirement where I had to implement a new workflow on a Sitecore implementation. All of the existing templates needed to begin using this new workflow. As I’m a developer, every time I need to perform an action that is repetitive, I think about ways to automate it. In this case, since there were a few templates that needed to be updated, I thought about creating a simple Sitecore PowerShell script to update all of them.


Optimize your images in Sitecore with PowerShell Extensions + Kraken or TinyPNG

The solution I want to show you today involves optimizing images in Sitecore with PowerShell and TinyPNG. It allows for tremendous file size reduction with minor or nonexistent degradation in visual clarity at high resolutions.

Sitecore PowerShell – Change Item Template and Retain Field Value

I was recently tasked with changing the template of some items in one of our client’s Sitecore instances. Both the SourceTemplate and TargetTemplate had an image field, and part of the task was to transfer the value of the MainImage field of SourceTemplate to the PrimaryImage field of TargetTemplate. The templates looked similar to the following: SourceTemplate MainImage – […]

Sitecore PowerShell Extensions Pt.1: The What and the Wow

I still cannot believe that there are Sitecore developers out there that are still not using Sitecore Powershell Extensions. Since I discovered SPE, it’s saved me what I can only estimate as being hundreds of hours of headaches and hundreds of dollars in therapist bills! Admittedly, there’s a pretty steep learning curve, but the ROI […]