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The Road to Sitecore Symposium 2017

Slack is quiet.  “The calm before the Sym” says Mike Reynolds.  I board my flight on Sunday and I am in packing mode.  Cab ordered already.  Safe flight in to everyone. I will be logging my journey to Symposium here. I have been to many Symposiums and Dreamcores over the year but this will be […]

Sitecore Chris’ MVP Summit Day 2

We are onto day 2 and after an amazing day yesterday I am excited about what today holds.  I will keep you posted on the excitement as it unfolds and I am able to share. While you are waiting check out Countdown to Ignition Day 5 – Ignition and other tools At 8:00 am, the […]

[C2I] Countdown to Ignition Day 5 – Ignition and other Tools

When you were growing up you probably remember different kids around the playground and how they interacted with others.  They all had different personalities.  Some seemed to get along with everyone and others fit into their cliques but not with others.  Sitecore Ignition was built with the goal to play well with others.  We save […]

Sitecore Chris’ MVP Summit Day 1

Star Date 2016-09-12 – 1:00 pm Ok so there was a lot of info in the first presentation but I cannot share it with you. If you are on Sitecore Slack and an MVP check out the channel for details. It is well worth it.  Tonight it we head to the boat and there will […]

SitecoreChris’ MVP Summit Journal

These are the voyages of a Perficient Sitecore MVP. It’s a 5 day mission. To explore strange new features and technologies. To seek out new friendships and new partnerships To boldly go where no MVP has gone before. Star Date: 2016-09-10 – 6:45 am We start our journey from the distant country of Canada, home […]