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How to Connect to a Sitecore-Managed Azure Search Index with Azure Search API

Creating a search context to perform your search queries should be easy right? With Sitecore’s Content Search API, it is as easy as passing in the literal name of the index as a parameter into a ContentSearchManager method. Connecting to a Sitecore-Managed Azure Search Index to perform queries using Azure Search API adds some complexity […]

10 Considerations for a Successful Sitecore Azure Implementation

You’ve likely heard of Sitecore, an enterprise-class .NET web content management system (CMS) with extensive tools designed for marketers, as well as Microsoft’s cloud computing platform and infrastructure, Windows Azure – but how much do you know about Sitecore Azure? If you are already using Sitecore, or are considering it, and are also interested in […]

Sitecore in Windows Azure

What is Sitecore Azure? In simple words, it is your Sitecore implementation running in Windows Azure, a popular cloud computing platform from Microsoft. Sitecore Azure provides development and deployment tools to support Sitecore CMS and DMS(Digital Marketing System)  in Windows Azure. Windows Azure: As you may already know, Windows Azure services are available both as […]

Sitecore Azure Takes Advantage of Windows Azure Services

I recently blogged on interesting avenues in which you can use Windows Azure to more easily move software that was originally on-premise to the cloud.  No sooner do I finish that than I read an article from @sharepointrich on SharePoint vs Sitecore.  In his post, Rich mentioned that Sitecore Azure runs on Windows Azure.  That […]