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Create Content Pages From Launchpad in Sitecore 8

Custom Launchpad buttons and Experience Editor Ribbon Buttons save time for content authors and improve their experience especially when editing long and complex pages. Launchpad buttons allow them to focus only on those page types they are allowed to create or edit. Ribbon buttons and dialogues give them options to edit fields without going back to launchpad.

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Experience Editor error strikes again!

“After parsing a value an unexpected character was encountered: {. Path ‘scLayout’…

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Site Clusters – Part 4: Renderings shmenderings; or why you should care about Shared and Final layout

A critical portion of understanding Site Clusters is wrapping your head around Shared and Final layout, and understanding their impact on your assembly.

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How to Force the Index to Update on the CD Server

The issue: Index not updating properly A while back I ran into an issue where the index on the CD server was not updating correctly.   I checked the EventQueue table and the event existed to update the index but it just wasn’t happening.   I cleared the EventQueue table and tried again but in some cases […]

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Multiplatform Development for Sitecore

Contributing to a library or framework requires multiplatform Sitecore development to maximize applicability of your work. You need to think about how to make your code work with multiple different versions of Sitecore, and how to make it smooth and easy to switch between versions. This post will show you how.

Sitecore Developers: Start! Your! Ignition!

So, besides an excuse to use the old reliable “Start your engines!” trope, what is Ignition? Ignition is an open source development accelerator designed by the team at Perficient and released to the Sitecore community as a quick-start tool for beginning Sitecore projects. It has two primary components: the Sitecore Information Architecture piece and the .NET […]

Sitecore Tricks: Getting all Base Templates from an Item

Ran into a situation today where I needed to get all of the base templates for a given item. Toyed with a few approaches including recursion. I figured there had to be a better way. So after quite a bit of Stack Overflow reading, and a few Sitecore blogs, I came up with this really […]

Sitecore 8 Branch IDs info is lost when Installed from a Package

I have been working in a Sitecore environment where in code, I am checking the branch template ID of an item when searching for those items using Coveo.  Once I completed my unit testing of this functionality in my local development environment, to move things along, I created a package of these items to install […]

Tips involving using Images in Sitecore 8 to help Content Authors

This blog will discuss some tips and tricks concerning the use of images with Sitecore which are important for content authors, especially those who may be having trouble getting their image to appear on their pages. The path to an image is important because it is how the image is found on an HTML page […]

Upgrading Sitecore – 8.0 update 4 to 8.1 update 2 – Walkthrough

Recently, I posted about issues that ran into during an upgrade of 8.0 update 4 rev. 150621 to 8.1 update 2 rev. 160302. That article is available here. That article did not cover the actual process of upgrading and I thought it may be beneficial to provide a walk-through of that. To start off, I went […]

Sitecore – Null Value Exception When Opening Explore Mode

Sitecore 8 introduced a new Explore Mode option to the Experience Editor that allows content authors to test their digital marketing strategy by simulating visits to their site as different users. One feature that has been particularly useful for me is the ability to simulate different IP addresses to test GeoIP integration in components I’m […]

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Media Indexing Approaches

Sitecore has powerful search capabilities for those who are interested in runtime performance. Lucene is embedded by default with a standard set of indexes for all databases that is automatically refreshed upon change of content. LINQ-based queries allow you to easily retrieve documents and filter them. So, to make a website faster, it’s wise not […]

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