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Woman Shopping Online Preparing To Christmas

Survive and Thrive During the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season: 3 Digital Commerce Trends to Act On Now

It’s hard to believe that the 2020 holiday shopping season is almost upon us, and it’s likely to be unlike any other holiday season we’ve seen to date. It goes without saying that this year will be different in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, and you already know the impact the pandemic has had […]


5 Strategies for Improving Page Speed: Serial & Async Loading

There is a tendency in web development to tightly couple the pages with their data source. An example of this would be building a page that uses its backend process to retrieve and render data in a table. This is fine for small pages or quick-and-dirty prototypes, but as pages grow in complexity, this approach […]

Critical Rendering Path – Ways to Improve a Site’s Performance

Critical Rendering Path is a sequence of steps the browser needs to go through to convert the most important HTML, CSS and Javascript into actual pixels on the screen. This also means we make the most important visual parts of our site load first instead of loading everything at once. In order to set up the appropriate […]

Getting A Bit Testy About Testing

As a long-time analyst (from several different research and development fields, not just online), I tend to foam at the mouth a little bit when I hear vendors oversimplify analytics—especially test analytics. While not rocket science, tests should not be interpreted in a slapdash way. We want the net effects of tests to be better […]