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Fireside Chat: Apollo Endosurgery’s Rx for Cloud Success

  The life sciences and healthcare industries are no exception to the rise of the “Connected Customer” and the next wave of opportunities are at hand. Patient/physician engagement, agility, regulatory requirements, and product development are just a few of the business challenges these industries face. As a result, successful companies are turning to the cloud to respond to near-term challenges, develop long-term […]

Customize Your Salesforce Community URL

A common ask from our customers around Salesforce Communities is: “I want my Community URL to look like my company’s brand.” As with most things Salesforce related, the answer is: “Yes, we can do that!” The even better news is that it’s relatively easy to do. Here are the key things you should know about how to customize your Community URL, […]

Dreamforce 2014: Community Cloud Roadmap for 2015

Here at Dreamforce 2014, the conference is really heating up. Today is Marc Benioff’s keynote, which is always a fun event. Right before that keynote, the Community Cloud team presented their roadmap for Winter ’15.  We see Salesforce Communities as a compelling portal for a lot of business uses, including Partner Portals, Employee Portals, Sales Portals […]

Community Designer,, Making the right choice for your Salesforce Community is launching the Community Designer as part of their Winter ’15 release. With this product launch there are now three core tools available, and the being the other two, to customize a Salesforce Community. Here are some considerations to help you make the selection that is right for your business and technical skills. Community […]

Summer ’14 Release – Top 5 Service Cloud & Communities Features

It’s that time again! Summer ’14 release is almost here and after firing up a brand new pre-release org and reading through the notes, here is my take on the top 5 new features for Service Cloud and Communities.              

3 Ways Makes Communities Better

As an implementation partner, we really enjoy working with the Communities platform. The built in collaboration with Chatter and the flexibility of configuration make Communities a major upgrade over traditional portals. But today I’m going to highlight another key benefit of that platform: branding and design with Salesforce is free to use with […]

Salesforce Portals vs. Salesforce Communities – Why Convert?

Our customers are starting to migrate from Salesforce Portals to Salesforce Communities. Migration efforts range from relatively simple, involving updates to profiles, links/buttons, and email templates as well as regression testing, to more complex, especially where automated provisioning processes are in place or the user interface has been heavily customized. What are the benefits of […]

Dreamforce: Mobile Community Web Sites In has been touted as an easy way to create a portal, do simple content management, and otherwise extend your salesforce investment but still make things look good.  Mobile has become a key requirement for almost any technology and anyone who can cut down the typical +30% cost to add mobile will gain in the […]