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Site Clusters – Part 4: Renderings shmenderings; or why you should care about Shared and Final layout

A critical portion of understanding Site Clusters is wrapping your head around Shared and Final layout, and understanding their impact on your assembly.


Site Clusters – Part 3: Owning your language architecture

When we talk about Site Clusters — as you hopefully read in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series — we’re referring to the localization strategy for translating a website from one localized language to many other localized languages. Let’s imagine you have a website which you want to distribute to all of North America.

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Site Clusters – Part 2 – Getting Started

The 2nd post in our Site Clusters series covers how to get started with this localization strategy–creating multiple websites that share 1 content tree. To recap – a Site Cluster is a simple way to create multiple websites that share a single content tree.


Site Clusters in Sitecore – Part 1

We often create multilingual websites using Sitecore’s powerful CMS. Sitecore has a great solution for multilingual content. Each item in the content tree can include a number of item versions, and each item version can be delivered in a different language, so translation of content is simple and straightforward. Well, not exactly. These item versions […]